Nuvolect has released a version of SecureSuite that supports IOCipher encrypted files and Android private files. This privacy innovation is a major step forward for Android users concerned with cyber security. For users that want to carry sensitive information with them, without relying upon or having to trust “The Internet”, this is the solution.

virtual filesystem

A virtual file system (VFS) is programming that forms an interface between an operating system’s kernel and a more concrete file system. The VFS serves as an abstraction layer that gives applications access to different types of file systems and local and network storage devices.

About IOCipher

SecureSuite incorporates the IOCipher virtual filesystem from the Guardian Project. Files are AES encrypted and can only be accessed with proper credentials. The latest Android devices have the muscle to operate the encryption engine with acceptable performance, however, older devices may struggle with larger files and repositories. Longer term the solution is to improve the computational efficiency of encrypting files, but until then Nuvolect has a solution that is sufficiently secure for many applications. This solution creates a private file system that protected by the Android operating system. This solution has identical performance to that of Android’s standard file storage. The user can choose between a fully encrypted filesystem or an Android protected filesystem.

Integration with OmniFile and elFinder

Nuvolect has leveraged the OmniFile virtualization system to integrate an IOCipher filesystem, an Android private filesystem and and Android’s clear-text filesystem with the popular elFinder user interface. OmniFile allows seemless yet secure interaction between these three types of filesystems.

The next step in SecureSuite Roadmap(link) is integration with the Lucene search engine. This will support instant search across tens of thousands of secured files with the security risks of the Internet.

For an example of IOCipher, see the SecureSuite implementation in GitHub. Contact us for help with the design, development, integration and testing of your security application.