Nuvolect has released a version of SecureSuite that supports the popular elFinder user interface. For those concerned about security, elFinder is not served from the Internet but is served from their Android phone or tablet. SecureSuite users don’t have to trust the security of Internet due to a design that bypasses the Internet by serving files directly from Android.

elfinder logo

elFinder User Interface

The elFinder interface brings an easy to use “Mac-like” finder to Android. It offers intuitive menus and simple drag-and-drop capability to upload, download, copy, rename, view and edit files.

The security offered by elFinder is unparalleled. Encrypted and private files can be accessed directly on Android and from any browser on the user’s WiFi. This includes the users laptop, large screens on their Mac or PC or even their TV.

Under The Hood: IOCipher, OmniFile and Android Connector

With SecureSuite, a user can access encrypted and clear-text storage directly from Android. Today’s Android devices have large storage and for those that need more, a 128GB MicroSD card can be added for as little as $40 US.

Under the hood, elFinder is layered on top of the IOCipher encrypted filesystem, the OmniFile virtualization tool, Nanohttpd embedded web server, and a new Android Connector. This allows SecureSuite users to seamlessly access all of their standard Android files as well as private files and fully encrypted files. Managing these files from your Mac or PC is as easy as drag-and-drop.

For an example of elFinder integration wtih Android, see the SecureSuite implementation in GitHub. Contact us for help with the design, development, integration and testing of your security application.