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Security Innovation: Clean photos automatically while securely saving all location information.

PhotoShield is a revolutionary app that manages EXIF and GPS location data attached to your photos. This unique system lets you share photos without inadvertently sharing the location it was taken. It is fully integrated with Android and works with your existing apps such as the Camera app and the Gallery app.

PhotoShield securely manages location data by cleaning it from your photos and archiving it until you need it. You can manually clean and archive the data, or you can let the app do it automatically whenever you take a picture. The archive enables you to restore location data that’s been deleted, should you want to find a picture’s location again. It’s simple, free and easy!

User Reviews

Brilliant A better solution than apps that strip all the EXIF.
A Google User 5 stars
! My god, I think this is exactly what I wanted!
The ability to view exif data on all compression types.
A Google User 5 stars

PhotoShield: Make all of your photos "location safe".

PhotoShield inspects all of your photos. A red outlined photo has EXIF GPS location data. A blue outlined photo is safe to share. All new photos are automatically made "safe", and you can restore EXIF location data on demand.

PhotoShield Cleans All Your Photos

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