Security Innovation: Clean photos automatically while securely saving all location information.

PhotoShield is a revolutionary app that manages EXIF and GPS location data attached to your photos. This unique system lets you share photos without inadvertently sharing the location it was taken. It is fully integrated with Android and works with your existing apps such as the Camera app and the Gallery app.

PhotoShield securely manages location data by cleaning it from your photos and archiving it until you need it. You can manually clean and archive the data, or you can let the app do it automatically whenever you take a picture. The archive enables you to restore location data that’s been deleted, should you want to find a picture’s location again. It’s simple, free and easy!

User Reviews

Brilliant A better solution than apps that strip all the EXIF.
A Google User 5 stars
! My god, I think this is exactly what I wanted!
The ability to view exif data on all compression types.
A Google User 5 stars

PhotoShield: Make all of your photos "location safe".

PhotoShield inspects all of your photos. A red outlined photo has EXIF GPS location data. A blue outlined photo is safe to share. All new photos are automatically made "safe", and you can restore EXIF location data on demand.

There are other apps that remove EXIF data. PhotoShield is the only app that securely saves the EXIF data in a database such that it can be restored at a later date.

Click the Auto On Icon icon and PhotoShield automatically secures and archives the EXIF data from every photo you take.

PhotoShield Cleans All Your Photos

CounterCloud premium features

We made PhotoShield because... It is trivial for nearly any smartphone app to snoop or upload your photos to the cloud.

All those free apps, how do you these companies pay the bills? They data-mine and sell information about you, your friends, where you go and what you do. We offer a limited version of PhotoShield for free because we think you will like it and want to upgrade to the premium version.

The Free License is very effective, use it as long as you like.

  • Select Menu:Clean All and you can clean and archive the location data in all your photos.
  • All of the screens are fully interactive. Long click any gallery image to dive into and expose critical information.
  • Select Share:PhotoShield from any Android photo app to inspect, clean, navigate-to, etc.

The Premium License is even better and cost only US $1.99.

  • PhotoShield works automatically in the background to manage the security of every photo you take.
  • See immediate notifications whenever PhotoShield secures and encrypts your photo locations.
  • The photo location data is yours, you own it. Export it to a USB stick and keep copy in your home fire-safe.
  • Premium Support is excellent. Got a problem? Contact us.
  • Help support development of innovative apps like PhotoShield.
  • What is your security worth?

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