an educational tool for the reverse engineering and security assessment of Android apps

See what hackers see to defeat privacy invasion

We initially experimented with reverse engineering to explore vulnerabilities of our own apps. We learned how hackers find security gaps in our apps. Looking other apps on our phone, we also learned how seemingly legitimate apps invade our privacy.

Security inspection just got easier

Point and Click, there's no excuse for not knowing what's happening inside an app

Downloading, installing, and maintaining reverse engineering tools is time-consuming — as a result, few developers and educators do it. DeepDive makes it easy by packaging Jadx, CFR, and Fernflower together on Android, for ease of use and easy updates.

Three step process, point and click
1. Extract the APK
2. Unpack the APK
3. Decompile
Finally, a workflow you can live with

Access the details of reverse engineering from the convenience of your Mac or PC.

Find what you're looking for fast with Lucene

Lucene — Ultra-fast search

A decompiled app can have hundreds of thousands of files and millions of lines of code. That's why DeepDive has Lucene, a near-instant search capability, the search engine behind Amazon, AOL, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Search for dozens of keywords at a time

Search Sets are collections of Lucene Searches. Search for dozens of keywords at a time. The app comes with default Search Sets and you can create your own.

Focus on cyber security, get things done


  • APK extraction and unpacking
  • DEX optimization
  • Convert Android DEX to Jar
  • Decompile most Android apps
  • Private and crypto file storage
  • Instant search and search sets
  • Shell, Logcat & Keystore utilities
  • Android 7.0 Nougat+ (API 24+)
  • Root not required


DeepDive, download Android app

Disclaimer: DeepDive is not guaranteed to decompile every app. DeepDive will not decompile the Android operating system or Android system apps. DeepDive will not decompile C, C++ or computer languages other than Java. DeepDive can be defeated by tools designed to protect app APK files.
What issues will you find deep within your apps?