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CounterCloud gives you a capability to thoroughly manage your contact data in the cloud.

Today’s internet environment is fundamentally invasive; your information is collected and stored in the cloud. Malicious and commercial applications and websites can use this information against you without your knowledge or permission.

CounterCloud allows you to take control and see everything that is stored in your cloud. If you know what private information has been exposed, you can decide what you want to share with the world. CounterCloud privately monitors the cloud 24/7, showing you any updates to your cloud information.

By itself, it is not a complete solution to the information leak, as it only shows you what information has been made public. However, combined with CrypSafe, its companion app, you can ensure your internet privacy. CrypSafe is an AES 265 bit encrypted contact manager, acting as a safe place to store your information.

What is the 30 Second Security Check? How do I get started?

The 30 Second Security Check performs scan of your cloud to show you your contacts that may have sensitive information. It searches for passwords, codes, pin numbers and information of the type that you would not want floating around in the cloud.

The security report is presented as an interactive table. You can select items from the table and it will launch the contact editor. From here you can edit the contact. Alternatively, you can select the offending item, and the delete button and CounterCloud will delete it from your Android device and the cloud.

  1. Start CounterCloud
  2. Select menu Security Check
  3. Select items to dive into the details and edit with the Android contacts editor or
  4. Select the items checkbox and delete button to remove the item

What is the big picture? What do I do next?

Start by learning what you are publishing to the cloud. Next remove the most sensitive information. Finally, monitor the cloud and learn how information is put into your cloud.

Cloud Summary

main menu

Cloud Summary is the home activity for CounterCloud. It shows total Raw Contacts and Raw Data for each of your accounts. Pressing the search allows you to drill down into the details for that account.

Contacts in the cloud are composed of parts: the top parts are the Raw Contacts while the details are the Raw Data. CounterCloud displays them all in a no-frills manner.

Main menu

  • Accounts - Takes you to the Settings, Accounts page. From here you can enable or disable account sync or find error messages when a device fails to sync
  • Security Check - Performs a security check of sensitive items displaying the results in the Cloud Manager.
  • Cloud event log - A history log of all cloud content event additions, deletions and updates
  • Settings - Controls for notifications and delete confirmation dialog
  • Upgrade - In-app license purchase
  • Help - Info on this page

Cloud manager search

Browsing And Searching Your Cloud

  1. Launch CounterCloud and select "All accounts", and in the search box. type the first few letters of your last name. Scroll the list down if it is a long list, and touch any item see the corresponding contact record. You will likely see how often you contacted specific family members and the last time you contacted them.
  2. Select "Raw Data" from the pull-down and browse through all of the records. Note the Google+ profiles, notes, photos, and hopefully not too many birth dates, door codes, passwords or social security numbers. Note that all of this information has become public record. As easily has CounterCloud got it, any app can get it.
  3. Next, enter and search a few letters of your best friend's name. Not only are you publishing information about yourself, you are publishing information about your friends. You will probably find personal information such as wedding dates, kids' names, garage door and gate codes, etc.
  4. Pick a record you want to delete, select Delete and confirm. In a few seconds the delete event will appear in the Android Notification Area. From your PC, Mac, tablet or phone, any contact you updated, add or delete will be shown in the Notification Area. Select it and it will take you to the Cloud Event Log. This list is also touchable, allowing you to see the source of the event.

In this example, the user searched for "sale" and quickly identified 45 candidates to delete. After a quick scroll through the list the user selected Delete and Confirm and the contacts were deleted.

Anytime anyone emails you, their email address becomes part of your cloud record.

Here are a few sensitive item terms to search for:

  • account
  • best friend
  • city born
  • code
  • passcode
  • passphrase
  • password
  • year graduated

Contacts relating to these junk terms may be cluttering up your contacts a bit:

  • sale
  • craigslist
  • amazon
  • ebay
  • yahoogroups

Note that the spinner menu in the upper left has three options:

  1. Raw Contacts - In most cases these are your actual contacts
  2. Raw Data - Your contacts are made from these building blocks
  3. Security Check - A convenience mode that searches for sensitive information

Cloud manager select
Touch a contact record to drill down and expose the details. This works for both Raw Contacts and Raw Data.
Standard notifications

Standard notifications

Standard notifications

Swipe down from the top of your Android device to display the Notification Area. CounterCloud uses this area to show updates to your cloud 24/7. The most recent event is shown along with the time it occurred and the type. In the lower right is a number showing the number of events that have occurred. In this example, that number is 90.

If there is more than one update, a two-finger pull down from the base of a notification will expand it.

Tap the notification to launch the CounterCloud Event Log.

Note that when contacts are deleted, they often are first updated and then deleted, as shown.


  • FAQ Question about notification for Delete Limits Exceeded
  • YouTube
Long Press Red

The Cloud Event Log is the history of your contacts cloud. It is searchable and items are selectable to show more detail.

If a contact is in the Added or Updated state, it can be accessed by touch. Events that are deleted will show an "Invalid URI" when pressed.

The log can be deleted with the Menu > Delete log option.

Happy woman with smartphone

Why not just use the Contact Manager to delete contacts? Why do I need CounterCloud?

You may use any method you are comfortable with to manage and delete contacts. Here are a few reasons we highly recommend CounterCloud:

  • CounterCloud shows all contacts, even when they are not in a visible group.
  • See data regarding last time contacted and how many times contacted.
  • CounterCloud search and delete is very fast.
  • CounterCloud monitors your cloud so you can see additions and updates as they occur.
  • If nothing else, CounterCloud will help you become aware of what, when and how information is published to your cloud.

If I buy CounterCloud, can I use it on all my devices? What if I change phones?

Your CounterCloud license is attached to your Android account. You can install and reinstall on any of your Android devices that use that same account.

Too many contact deletes notification


How to I remove the warning: Sync error, too many contacts deletes?

  1. Go to Home, Settings-Data, Synch-Google contacts
  2. Uncheck it
  3. Wait a couple minutes then recheck
  4. Once you get the error again go to Notifications, Too many contact deletes
  5. Select Delete the items


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