CounterCloud, Your Anti-Cloud Solution.

Today’s Internet environment is fundamentally invasive, collecting your information and storing it in the cloud. Malicious applications and web sites can use this information against you without your permission or knowledge.

CounterCloud Android Security App allows you to take control and see ALL contacts related information stored in your cloud. If you know what private information has been exposed, you can decide what you want to share with the world. CounterCloud also has a powerful cloud editor that enables you to purge your cloud of sensitive personal information.

Instead of abusing your trust by selling your stolen information and making this app free, Nuvolect LLC is upfront about its revenue. This app is supported 100% by your grants and donations, thank you for your support.

30 Second Security Check. In about 30 seconds CounterCloud can scan your personal cloud for sensitive information you probably don't want to be sharing, such as passwords, pin codes, etc. If CounterCloud can find your sensitive information, any Android app can find your sensitive information.

Personal Cloud Monitoring, an Android Security App that watches your back 24 hours a day.

CounterCloud privately monitors and watches the cloud 24 hours a day to help prevent identity theft. It gives you a silent notification any time your cloud is updated. When someone emails you or calls you, or connects with you via social media his/her contact information becomes part of your cloud. CounterCloud allows you to see this information as it is created and delete it if it is not something you want to share.

Contact information you keep about your friends is published in your cloud. Yes, your cloud publishes their information too. Their profiles, their phone numbers, birth dates, garage codes, etc. See this information in the Cloud Event Log and Android Notification area as it is created and spread throughout the Internet Cloud.

CounterCloud easy cleanup 123

Putting information out there puts you at risk. Minimize your cloud footprint in 3 easy steps and minimize risk.

  1. Run the CounterCloud Security Check. It will identify passwords, security codes and other private information that you either forgot about or was hidden from you.
  2. Star contacts you want every day access to. You might want to import your contacts into CrypSafe because in the next step you will purge your cloud.
  3. Select All Accounts, Select Unstarred and note the checked items, these are the contacts that will be deleted. Select Delete, done!

Your personal cloud is minimized but this will not last long. Check your Android Notification area for CounterCloud updates and see additions as they occur. The Cloud Event Log keeps a complete log and is intelligent. Touch any row to open the related cloud item, star the item or delete it.

We made CounterCloud because... we were fed up with seeing our personal information get exploited.

This app is 100% supported by your grants and donations, thank you for your support.

We have a right to our privacy, but that does not give us privacy. We have privacy by encrypting everything possible and minimizing what we put out there.

  • Prevent identity theft
  • See all the personal data you are publishing to the cloud.
  • See all the apps that can can access your personal data.
  • All of the screens are fully interactive. Click to dive into and expose critical information.
  • Run the Security Check to find forgotten passwords and codes you have used in the past.
  • See immediate notifications whenever contact information in your personal cloud changes.
  • Purge your cloud of sensitive information.
  • Find information hidden by certain apps.
  • Premium Support is excellent. Got a problem? Contact us.
  • Help support development of innovative apps like CounterCloud, become a patron.

16.6 Million People Experienced Identity Theft In 2012.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that 16.6 MILLION PEOPLE EXPERIENCED IDENTITY THEFT IN 2012. Victims who had personal information used to open a new account or for other fraudulent purposes were more likely to experience financial, credit, and relationship problems and experience severe emotional distress. Do you get emails and phone calls from people you don’t know? How did they find you? What do they know about you?

Do what you can do. You can't entirely eliminate all risks, but you can take precautions and greatly reduce your exposure to fraud and prevent identity theft.

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