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Unlock patterns are too easy to predict

The lock patterns on most Android phones are surprisingly easy to predict, according to a report of Norwegian researcher Marte L√łge. The researcher analyzed 4,000 patterns and concludes that 44% of all patterns start in the top left of the screen. Also, 77% of all patterns started in one of the four screen corners.

The number of pattern choices is also a security issue. There are only 9 pattern choices, consequently picking the next choice in the pattern has odds of 1 in 9.
Contrast this with 1 in 26 for lower case alpha, 1 in 52 for mixed case alpha, 1 in 62 for alpha numeric, add in the special characters and it is even more complex. A short, random passphrase is far superior to a position unlock pattern.

CrypSafe uses keyboard access for full passphrase authentication. The password generator can create a truly random password or you can create your own.
Additionally, CrypSafe uses YubiKey NEO hardware based authentication.