Current Status

SecureSuite is currently available for license directly from Nuvolect, please contact us for more information. It is compatible with 11,065 different Android devices. The SecureSuite Web App is HTML 5 compliant, operating on all popular web browsers and is open source.


  • FullCalendar > A calendar will be added to save, share and manage calendar events. Events can be shared with others but by default are encrypted and protected from snooping. We are considering FullCalendar, your thoughts are appreciated.
  • File Encryption > Encrypted and private file storage will be added using the elFinder, IOCipher and Nanohttpd products. The Media MicroCloud offers a beta demonstration.
  • Instant Search > The Lucene search engine will be integrated offering a high quality search across all of your files on SDCARD, private files and encrypted files.
  • Caller ID > Persist a log of outgoing and incoming calls. Create log commands to call directly from log or delete log entries.
  • Contact Importer > The contact importer will be improved for robustness and performance.
  • Robustness > Improve the overall user experience for initial setup and use and for the experienced user.

Long Term

  • App Interoperability > Longer term SecureSuite will be updated to be more compatible with other secure applications such as email and SMS text.
  • User Interface Design > The UI will be refined, simplified and modernized to keep up with latest smartphone design trends.
  • CORS Support > SecureSuite uses a self-signed security certificate. The result when connecting to the web interface is the dreaded “Your connection is not private” browser warning. There is no domain name or static IP address to for a browser to validate the security certificate. The IP is dynamically assigned to Android by your WiFi access point. Android is the web server. Security is about trust and browser warnings in bold text undermine that trust. Examining the certificate shows the communications are encrypted but for the average user this is not satisfactory.
  • Auto configure Companion Device > Make using a Companion Device automatic and easy. People should not have to manually enter an IP address.