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We are pleased to announce that CrypSafe is now SecureSuite and is open source on GitHub.

SecureSuite Roadmap, SecureSuite will grow to meet a variety of security needs:

  1. Contacts, AES 256 bit encrypted (current)
  2. Passwords, AES 256 bit encrypted (current)
  3. Calendar of events with industry standard iCal support (future)
  4. Todo list action item management (future)
  5. File encryption and private file storage (future)
  6. Tools for basic asymmetric and symmetric encryption (future)

SecureSuite is Open Source, and it is so for a few key reasons:

  • For Security - With access to the source code it is easy to confirm the app does no evil. A developer can download the source code and search through it for key words or or perform a detailed security review to confirm it does not do Internet communications and uses secure practices for encrypting database keys, etc.
  • For Education - The source code serves as an example of good security practices for students and developers.
  • For Collaboration - The open source community has many talented developers that can help each other and help improve the app. App improvements help everyone.

None of us is as smart as all of us - Ken Blanchard, and often repeated by Bob Beyester, founder of SAIC

While the Open Source concept is not perfect, there is no denying the positive impact it is having on the user community.

The CrypSafe Upgrade to SecureSuite process is straightforward This is the same process used to restore a backup. Create the backup with CrypSafe and resture it in SecureSuite.

  1. In CrypSafe, select menu Backup/restore, Backup to storage
  2. In CrypSafe, select menu Settings, Manage database passphrase, Copy
  3. In SecureSuite, select menu Backup/restore, Restore from storage
  4. In SecureSuite, browse to the backup created in step 1 (folder in /crypsafe)
  5. In SecureSuite, paste in database passphrase from step 2


Visit the Wiki for more help and feel free to contact us at any time.