Current Status

Media Microcloud will be integrated into the SecureSuite in 2017. Media MicroCloud is in Beta and will remain so. We are still implementing features, fixing bugs and testing. Your feedback at this stage is invaluable at this stage.

Media MicroCloud app strives to give us the same convenience and workflow as the Internet Cloud without the security risks associated with Internet storage and computing. Its foundation is the IOCipher AES encrypted file system, the Nanohttpd web server, the CamCipher secure camera and popular web apps elFinder and PhotoSwipe.

We call it a MicroCloud app because of a design that securely mirrors photos and files on more than one device without using the Internet. This means you always have a backup and with the embedded web server, you have access to your photos and files from any web browser in front of you, and your private data is never exposed to the Internet.


  • Companion Device > Similar to CrypSafe, Media MicroCloud will support data mirroring on a second Android device. This will serve to backup the data and allow access from a second platform.
  • Expand Embedded Capability > For security purposes it is important to operate with as little dependency as possible on external viewers and editors such as for PDF files, text files, photos, videos, etc.
  • Improve Robustness > As an example, MM currently supports basic ZIP archives. There are certain types of ZIP archives that MM does not currently support.

Long Term

  • Multi-Platform > Longer term MM will support apps for the iPhone, Mac, PC and Linux platforms. This expansion not only enables users on these platforms but allows for a Dropbox like capability. Adding and updating files on one platform will automatically replicate the updates on all platforms.
  • CORS Support > MM uses a self-signed security certificate. Security is about trust and browser warnings in bold text undermine that trust. Examining the certificate shows the communications are encrypted but for the average user this is not satisfactory.
  • Crypto Volume Performance > While the Crypto volume is fast enough to stream an HD video, it is still more than 10 times slower than the native file system which at times diminishes the user experience.