CrypSafe protects passwords and contacts using an AES 256 bit encrypted database and YubiKey NEO authentication. Passwords are accessible from the Android app or through the embedded micro-cloud webserver. Your passwords are automatically backed up to a second Android device in your micro-cloud. Your private data is encrypted and is local to devices you can hold in your hand. No communications are made to the Internet.

This new video walks through password management and demonstrates how to use YubiKey NEO authentication.

CrypSafe manages passwords similar to contact records. A password record can contain a username, one or more websites and a notes field. A contact record can contain password information and a password record can contain contact information.

Steps to create a new password record:

  1. Create add a new contact from the action bar icon or menu
  2. Enter a descriptor into the Company field
  3. Select menu Show Password Fields
  4. Enter a password or select the Key symbol to start the password generator
  5. Optionally enter a username, website URL or note

To user your password, select the password contact and touch the password field.

  • Short press will expose the password
  • Long press will copy the password into your paste buffer

Just like a contact record, password records can be made a favorite, added to one or more Groups. For additional security, clear your paste buffer after using it for a password. Also, after deleting a password record don’t forget to empty the trash.