We made CounterCloud because our own personal data in the Internet Cloud was being snooped and exploited. Today’s Internet environment is fundamentally invasive; your information is collected and stored in the cloud. Applications and websites can use this information against you without your permission or knowledge.

The CounterCloud design allows you to take control and see specific private information that is stored in your cloud. If you know what private information has been exposed, you can decide what you want to share with the host operating system and the multitude of applications.

CounterCloud monitors your Google contacts on Android and in the Internet Cloud. Users can manually view the contents of their cloud as well as edit and delete their private information.

  • The Security Check quickly identifies passwords, social security numbers, garage codes, and gate codes.
  • A Cloud Event Log keeps track of all updates and additions to the cloud.
  • The Contacts Permission Survey lists all of the applications on their smartphone that have access to their contacts information.

Generally, if CounterCloud can get to this information, any application can get to this information.

Current Status

CounterCloud currently only monitors the Google contacts cloud. It should be expanded to monitor Google calendar events, web browsing history and cookies and their entire smartphone storage. A CounterCloud for Apple should be written for iPhone users.

The app is currently available on Google Play and runs on 10,846 different Android devices.

The project is currently funded through grants and donations. Unfortunately, current funding only supports Android software and security updates and the project is actively looking for a sponsor.


  • Open Source > Release app to the community.
  • Improve User Experience > To be widely accepted and used, a user should only rarely have to focus on security. The app should hide technical detail and help the user without requiring extra steps. It should make it easy for the user.
  • Security Recommendations Wizard > Upon user request, perform a security analysis and create a list of Actionable-Security-Tasks that shows actions to be taken and a Do It button.
  • Calendar Cloud Data > Expand CounterCloud to include Calendar events.
  • Web Browser Cloud Data > Expand CounterCloud to include web browsing events.
  • SMS Text Cloud Data > Expand CounterCloud to include SMS text events.
  • SD Card > Expand CounterCloud to include a users smartphone storage.

Updated February 08, 2019