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Nuvolect software is trusted in over 180 countries around the globe

About Nuvolect LLC

Nuvolect's focus is on mobile and web applications to help make your life safer and more productive.

Founded in 2010, Nuvolect LLC, is a privately held Limited Liability Corporation with headquarters in the United States. The name Nuvolect is derived in two parts; Nuvo from the French word nouveau for new, and "lect", a short form of intellect, i.e., new thinking.

We are activity seeking new projects and product sponsors, either anonymous or with full credit. Please contacts us and consider becoming a patron.

Nuvolect is a virtual team with participation from around the world. Operating as a virtual team allows Nuvolect to be efficient, to scale as necessary, and to leverage specific skills required for each project.

Although headquarters are in the United States, the Nuvolect Virtual Team is composed of talented professionals from around the world.

Country Applied skills
Argentina Graphics and creative services
Australia Software development
Bangladesh Application testing
Brazil Technical writing, web development
Canada System architecture, software development, application testing, marketing support
India Systems and software development, application testing, graphics and creative services
South Africa Graphics and creative services
Italy Application testing
United Kingdom Technical writing, web development
United States Systems and software development, application testing, graphics and creative services, marketing