Android Apps For Your Security

We regret that apps like these are necessary. It is unfortunate that our personal information is not necessarily private. However, we can give you the tools to help protect yourself.

Media MicroCloud

Media MicroCloud: A Secure Android Web Server

Media MicroCloud (MM) is an innovative security app for your Android phone or tablet. It combines the CamCipher camera, the IOCipher AES encrypted file system and a Nanohttpd web server. The popular elFinder and PhotoSlide apps make access to all your files easy.

You can record, save and manage encrypted photos and videos. The encrypted file system can not only protect jpg and mp4 files, but any file using a simple drag-and-drop into your web browser.

Note, this product is in Beta. We are still implementing features, fixing bugs and testing.

Secure Contact Manager

CrypSafe: Secure Contact Manager

We developed Nuvolect CrypSafe because our own personal data was being snooped and we felt compelled to do something about it. We uncovered direct evidence that content from our contacts was being exploited. To use Android and use the apps, you must agree to certain Terms and Conditions, so the snooping may even be legal. But this does not mean you can’t protect yourself.

Internet Cloud Editing and Monitoring

CounterCloud: Internet Cloud Monitor

Today’s Internet environment is fundamentally invasive, collecting your information and storing it in the cloud. Commercial and malicious applications and websites use this information against you, without your permission or knowledge. Nuvolect CounterCloud internet security monitors your personal cloud all day and gives you silent notifications anytime your additions or changes are made to your cloud.

Photo Shield EXIF Manager

PhotoShield: Photo EXIF Location Manager

Nuvolect PhotoShield securely manages GPS location data in your photos. It cleans GPS EXIF data from your photos and archives this sensitive information until you need it. When you take new photos it automatically cleans and archives each one. Your photos can be shared without worries of someone knowing where a photo was taken. Want to restore EXIF data? You can do that too.

My-Guardian-Angels: Android GPS Tracking

My-Guardian-Angels is a secure family communications and coordination system. The MGA Guardian App uses smart, battery saving technology to provide periodic updates and rapid location updates on demand. Need to know "When? Where? How Fast? Are they safe?" ...and not be pestering, MGA GPS Tracking is for you. Share your real-time location as a secure Private Connection or a Public Link URL in any web browser.

PhotoShield: Make all of your photos "location safe".

PhotoShield inspects all of your photos. A red outlined photo has EXIF GPS location data. A blue outlined photo is safe to share. All new photos are automatically made "safe", and you can restore EXIF location data on demand.

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PhotoShield Cleans All Your Photos

MGA Instant Map

MGA Instant Map: Locate and supervize without interfering.

MGA helps you locate and supervise without interfering. Our unique app was made to help busy families be safe and coordinate with each other.

Monitor real-time user location, speed and battery level, from an Android smartphone or from a browser.

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