Android Apps For Your Security

In a perfect world we would not need security apps, but this is the world we have.

DeepDive security assessment app

DeepDive: An Android reverse engineering and security assessment tool.

We initially experimented with reverse engineering to explore vulnerabilities of our own apps. We learned how hackers find security gaps in our apps. Looking other apps on our phone, we also learned how seemingly legitimate apps invade our privacy.

DeepDive is an educational tool for the reverse engineering and security assessment of Android apps.

Secure Contact Manager

SecureSuite: Secure Contacts, Notes and Passwords

We developed SecureSuite because our own personal data was being snooped and we felt compelled to do something about it. We discovered evidence that content from our Android smartphones was being uploaded to Internet servers and exploited. To use Android and use the apps, you must agree to certain Terms and Conditions, so the snooping may even be legal. But this does not mean you can’t protect yourself.

Internet Cloud Editing and Monitoring

CounterCloud: Internet Cloud Monitor

Today’s Internet environment is fundamentally invasive, collecting information about your contacts and storing it in the cloud. Commercial and malicious applications and websites use this information against you, without your permission or knowledge.

CounterCloud internet security monitors your Google contacts cloud day and night, and gives you silent notifications anytime additions or changes are made to your cloud.